The "Blue Tie Kid" at the so-called "TikTok Rizz Party."

What's The 'TikTok Rizz Party' Meme And Who Are The Boys Singing 'Carnival?' The Viral Cringe Video Explained

A viral video of a group of boys singing Kanye West's "Carnival" has rapidly spread online. The party shown in the clip is being called the "TikTok Rizz Party," referencing an old promo poster for a cringey event from last year and adding to the so-called "lore" of the event.

Originally posted to TikTok a few weeks ago, the teenagers (seemingly led by the so-called "Blue Tie Kid") are taking the internet by storm. However, most of the reactions to their movie-like night are negative. The odd phenomenon has led to fancam edits and memes en masse. Plus, a response from the Blue Tie Kid himself.

So, who are these boys singing "Carnival?" Where were they and where does the "TikTok Rizz Party" meme come from? Let's explain.

Where Does The 'TikTok Rizz Party' Meme Come From?

In May 2023, Florida-based Instagram user @23ryan_ posted a photo to his story, showing that some goober had left a pamphlet on his car window, advertising a "TikTok Rizz Party" on the 18th of the month. Let's just say that @23ryan_ was not happy with the promotion, calling it "corny" and said he was (likely) not attending.

Of course, the party's namesake uses the (once) trendy slang term "rizz" that became widely mainstream last year.

What's The Original Video Of The Boys Singing 'Carnival?'

A few weeks back, the TikTok account @islandentertainment was hired to film a local girl's Sweet 16 party. The cameraman happened to capture a raucous moment between a group of guys who got excited and started singing when Kanye West's song "Carnival," featuring Rich the Kid and Playboi Carti, started bumping on the sound system.

The original video racked up more than 46 million views in less than a month, skyrocketing the internet's awareness of these young men. Unfortunately for them, the comment sections were rather ruthless.

@islandentertainment The boys showing how its done at Jillian’s sweet 16. #carnival #playboycarti #kayne #sweet16 #nycdj #statenisland #mitzvah #wedding #foryou #newjersey #nj #njdj #brooklyn #queens #longisland ♬ CARNIVAL (feat. Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti) – ¥$ & Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign & Rich The Kid & Playboi Carti

@islandentertainment The carnival guys doing their thing. Gotta give my man credit the last song he nailed. #foryou #nycdj #djservices #njdj #statenisland #newjersey #booklyn #longisland ♬ original sound – Island Entertainment

Who Is The 'Blue Tie Kid?'

One of the main characters in the video is a kid wearing a blue tie and, as the video gained memes, his likeness became a central focus. Many people thought that he was the leader of the friend group, based on some Green Line Test adjacent mental gymnastics.

Recently, the Blue Tie Kid revealed his identity via a funny video that made light of the backlash. However, his account was banned, likely due to trolls mass-reporting it. He's since made a new account called @seby_261.

The Blue Tie Kid is 16-year-old Sebastian Sarmiento. He's a high school lacrosse player from the New York metro area and, yes, he might be the leader of the friend group.

@seby_261 #duet with @Eren Lenox #carnival#bluetie#tiktokrizzparty ♬ original sound – Eren Lenox

Why Is The 'TikTok Rizz Party' Video Cringe?

Over the past year, the internet has portrayed an especially low tolerance for trends, slang terms and memes associated with younger Zoomers and Gen Alpha kids. Like, remember when Baby Gronk rizzed up Livvy Dunne? From then on out, Skibidi brain rot and rizz-gyatt-ohio overload has been an irony staple.

The backlash and memes based on this "Carnival" video play on many of the same themes from these other "young people are cringe" stories. Something about these boys letting loose and not being aware of their "last night was a movie, bro" energy has led to ridicule and hate.

But, like, what's there to really dislike? They're just kids. They're having fun. Literally every older Zoomer and Millennial has had a similar "high school dance" experience. The only difference is that 46 million people didn't see theirs.

Just guessing, most of these memes and cringe reactions are likely coming from other kids. It's just unfortunate that one group of boys has to be the symbol of the world's puberty-induced insecurities.

@imemeforfun_ #playboycarti #Carnival #cringe #kanyewest #party #prom #cringey ♬ original sound – Lowtiermemes

@hoopherfilms tough watch as always #tiktokrizzparty ♬ original sound – HOOPER

For the full history of TikTok Rizz Party "Carnival" Boys, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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